Dear Friends,

A couple of sparrows have built their nest right next to my house as they do every spring, weaving twigs with grass and feathers, readying it for their little family. Nearby, farmers are breaking up hard soil in the fields, preparing for sowing and eventual harvest, and neighbors are planting tomatoes and beans in their gardens. This fragrant, fragile time of year brings together our work of creating and care-taking with God’s work of sun, rain and nurture.

At the Mission we see the truth every day of Proverbs 28:14, that “he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity.” Part of our job is to pray God’s softening warmth into hearts that have been hardened by fear, wrong choices and broken dreams. He pours down His sun and rain, while we help men learn how to take His seeds in and watch for the shoots to show.

It is a fragile time here as well: the dangers of the birds, thorns and rocks of Matthew 13 are real. We grieve as some men go out through our doors into places that will bring them down yet again. We rejoice greatly when some make the painful choices that keep them here, roots growing deeper, leaves growing stronger, fruit beginning to grow. We trust that whether they are here for the first and only time or for one of several times through, God’s Word and His Spirit’s working through the community will cause new life.

Thank Him with us for the privilege of witnessing Him at work in hearts that will be satisfied only in Him.

Frank Baldwin
Frank Baldwin
Executive Director