Dear Friends,

In contrast to our usual summer lull, the Muncie Mission is abuzz this summer.
The Attic Window stores are bustling with customers and the shelter is bursting
at the seams as we take in men in numbers we’ve never before seen.
Although this summer is abnormal in comparison to past summers, the staff
still goes about their usual duties, coming alongside the men to show them
God’s compassion. Our kitchen manager still gives his heartfelt devotions
each day to a dining room full of restless kids and their parents; our counselors
lovingly work to strengthen the men with God’s word. As the Mission fills nearly
to capacity, our resources are stretch with it. God’s blessings are evident as he
continues to supply our needs even when it looks as if we’ve reached our limit.

The summer is a time of hard work, prayer and hopefulness. Here at the
Mission, we work, pray and hope for God’s word to settle and take root in the
hearts of the hurting. Please pray with us for ample provisions for the men, our
customers, clients and guests as God speaks to each one, pouring His grace
into them and drawing them near to Himself

Frank Baldwin
Frank Baldwin
Executive Director