Thank you for praying about our finances. They have improved and we are able to increase our contribution.

– Donor Qoute

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Losing one's job can be devastating especially without a support system around you. That's what happened to Rick. He had a job in Dayton, Ohio which provided just enough income to pay his bills and buy food. Nothing extra. Without advance notice his company shut down and suddenly Rick had no money coming in. It wasn't long until he lost his apartment and had not money even for food. He walked the streets and learned from the other "street people" how to find food. He also learned how to find alcohol and soon found this to be his way of survival. It became his crutch and he leaned heavily upon it.

He kept thinking of a way out of this mess. Finally he called an old friend in Indiana and found out that this friend had married Rick's step-sister. She immediately drove to Dayton, found Rick and brought him to Muncie Mission.

Though he pursued the program he left before completion and in no time relapsed and started having severe health problems. He remembered a man that had been through the mission's program and was doing well. After calling this man, Rick waited for him to come and help him. But much to his dismay one of the mission's counselors pulled up in his car and invited him to get in. "He said he would take me home but he made several wrong turns and I told him he was going the wrong way. He just smiled and said he was taking me home to the Mission." It was home, a safe haven!

After two more years Rick has completed the program and is doing well. He committed his life to Christ, is involved in a local church and works with his sister cleaning an area church. Rick's goals are simple: he wants to continue his education and grow in his relationship with his Heavenly Father. He is so grateful to the Mission for giving him his life back.