...If God can get to an 'old rusty salt' like me he can get to anyone.

– Overherad

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Steve came to Muncie Mission as an angry, rebellious man. He was released from jail and brought by the police as this was his only option. He remembers thinking as they drove up to the mission, "Oh no, this is not where I want to be and I will be out of here as soon as possible, if not before!" However, God had a different plan.

It didn't take Steve long to learn that he desperately needed what was going on at MMM. "I came as close to death as you can come and not die. And I came to the realization that I was not ready to die." He remembers waking up in a hospital bed as sick as he had ever been. He had been on alcohol binges many times, especially after the untimely death of his wife, but this time he had almost died from alcohol poisoning. And he would have died had it not been for a Deputy Sheriff who found him in the ditch along a dead end country road. That deputy should not have been on that road and had only traveled on it one other time. But he explained to Steve that "Someone upstairs is watching over you." He's not sure why he drove to the end that dark night but he did - and he found Steve.

That experience was a life-changer! It made Steve pursue sobriety and recovery at MMM and in that process found Jesus as his Savior. His anger is gone and he no longer feels that he must rebel against all authority. At one point in his life, Steve held a good job, made a great salary and had a lot of this world's possessions. However things are no longer important to him.

Steve's #1 goal is to rebuild a relationship with his adult daughter. That began during the recovery process and is continuing slowly but positively. Also Steve has many abilities that will serve him well as he seeks employment.