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Bob’s Story

Bob’s Story

The Best Accident Ever

Bob Bowman Bob came to Muncie Mission quite by accident – but it was the best accident that ever happened to him. Raised in a home where drugs and alcohol were a daily habit is putting it mildly. “I was seriously drinking by age 12,” Bob remembers, “in fact, we may not have had food in the refrigerator but there was always plenty of booze.” His father was a rough, tough, ready-to-fight man, who taught Bob to be the same.

During the next 20 years, his life was as dysfunctional as the early years, alcohol, drugs, women, jail – “you name it, I did it.” At one point Bob tried to straighten up by going into treatment. “I went for all the wrong reasons, I was married and had a baby girl. My wife insisted I do this for them but quite honestly I didn’t care if I got clean or not.” Bob did not get clean that time or the other 8 times he entered a recovery treatment program.

Having lost everything this lonely man was trying to make his way to his mother’s house in Ohio, many miles of walking. A stranger picked him up along the road and told him he knew of a place in Muncie that would give him a good meal, a bed for the night and a place to shower and get clean clothes. Bob was dropped off at Muncie Mission. He remembers thinking that this was a great place. It was clean, the food was great and “the staff talked to me like I was important and they treated me with respect.” And Bob stayed longer than the one night he had intended. He actually entered the recovery program and listened to the first several sessions with great interest, experiencing a sense of hope for a better life. Bob’s first step was to admit that he had a problem and was unable to fix it himself. “I knew that to be true – for sure!” he says.

It has been two years of sobriety for Bob. “I have found such peace and contentment here. I remember getting on my knees beside my bunk one day and confessing my sin to a Holy God and asking for forgiveness. I asked Jesus to come into my life and give me direction and He’s given me so much more. I never knew a person could be so full of peace and joy.” Bob has seen his daughter several times and is building a relationship with her and also enjoys regular visits with his mother.

“I want my life to move in the right direction. I’m a graduate of the Mission’s program – one of the first things I’ve ever successfully completed. I also have a responsible position as an intern at Muncie Mission helping new residents get settled and providing stability and security several nights through the week.”

When asked what tomorrow holds for this man, Bob answers, “Oh, I don’t know. I am just beginning to use the tools of discipline, compassion and accountability to take my life to the next level. What I do know is that I am following God day by day. I love helping other men who are in the same condition as I was, to see that Muncie Mission is a place of hope. God didn’t give up on me and I am here to tell them He has not given up on them either.”