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Dave’s Story

Dave’s Story

I grew up in a loving family that believed in honesty, good hard work, and respect for others. However, it was not without problems.In fact, my father was an alcoholic and in spite of watching his dysfunction, I did the same thing. The use of alcohol – as long as you could function in providing for your family, was accepted and I was probably drinking by age 12 or 13. I became a “young hippie” type – didn’t care about much and just lived for the day.

Dave BucknerAs a young adult and at a time when I should have been putting my life together it seemed that everything was falling apart. My father died at an early age. Then my only brother was killed in an auto accident which devastated me. And shortly after losing my brother, my mother died. By the age of 28 I was left with no family and to say I was angry with God is an understatement.

I married a woman with a child and was eager to adopt her and soon we had another daughter together. That relationship didn’t last very long and though it takes both parties to make a marriage successful, it takes both to destroy it too. I was not the husband and father I should have been and my drinking caused me to lose several jobs. Remember, I was taught to work hard and earn my paycheck but instead I was being fired for just the opposite.

My family never went to church but a co-worker whose wife loved the Lord insisted I go with them. I loved it and was saved and baptized. But the “work hard” work-ethic my father had instilled in me caused me to take all the extra hours my plant supervisor offered and so I worked 7 days a week and drank lots – – back to my old ways. No time for church or God.

My last job was at a plant in Richmond and when it closed I was left with nothing. A friend recommended Muncie Mission to me and I thought I’d come just for a night or two. But I now know that God brought me here! And my night or two has turned into 13 months. At the Mission, what captured me was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first thing I did was get right with God. I soon learned that drinking was not my problem; it was a heart issue.

The Mission’s 12 Step Recovery Program has helped me become the man God intended me to be. One of the steps was Making Amends as You Can. I had basically abandoned my daughters and asking forgiveness and re-establishing a father/daughter relationship was exciting. I certainly don’t deserve their love but I am more grateful than I can tell you. I look forward to each visit and conversation.

I have grown to love the word of God and one of the Mission’s counselors is teaching me how to study my bible. I am attending church and making new friends.

What now?? I have done factory work all my life but my desire would be to work someplace where I can make a difference in people’s lives – serving others. The new Dave Buckner has changed! I just see things so differently now with my new heart, my new eyes and definitely my new desires.

We are sad to announce that Dave left this world in March of 2014. He now eternally resides in heaven with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.