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Gary’s Story

Gary’s Story

After 25 years of drunkenness, all Gary Robbins wanted to do was die. “I tried so many times before to get sober and stay that way but my old friends were drunks too and I ended up in trouble over and over again.” Gary remembers other people along the way that tried to help him but he was his own worst enemy.

Gary Robbins welcomes new residentAs a kid he went to church and tried “religion” but it didn’t stick! He was raised with siblings who loved Gary and tried to support him through his addictions but finally gave up along with his wife and 2 sons. “Wouldn’t you think that losing your family would cause you to walk away from the booze?” Gary says. But alcohol had a grip on him that nothing was able to break.

Three years ago as Gary lay drunk in a small, filthy apartment, he wanted to end it all. But a pastor whom Gary had known for years came to visit him. As he poured out his heart to his pastor and admitted his desire to end his life, the clergyman said, “Gary, let’s give it one more try. I have heard good things about Muncie Mission — will you go there. I’m sure they can help.”

Gary went to the Mission and told the first counselor he met “this is my last chance for life. They all embraced me and gave me hope.” And it didn’t take long for him to settle in and begin his journey through the recovery program. As a young man he had trusted Jesus as his Savior but it was evident that he had walked away from God and it was time to make that right. Two weeks after moving into the Mission, sitting outside all alone, Gary saw Phil Miller, Mission counselor, leaving for the day. “I jumped up and yelled for Phil to come and pray with me to get my life right with God.” That relationship with Jesus along with the hard work of recovery changed everything.

Gary has become an encourager at MMM for the many new men coming for help. He no longer has suicidal thoughts but his bright eyes, infectious smile and laugh, and his positive attitude give others hope. He tells them all, “Muncie Mission saved my life! Get in line ‘cause it’s your turn next!”

Best of all is the joy he permeates as he talks about reestablishing a relationship with his sons, brother and sister. “They all love the new me!” Gary says. “I have a lot to make up for but God is helping me be the man he always wanted me to be.”