...If God can get to an 'old rusty salt' like me he can get to anyone.

– Overherad

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2013 Goal - $75,000
Each dollar you raise helps to keep hope alive and provide support for the many services the Mission provides to the homeless and desperate in our community.

Team participation is a great way for friends, co-workers, neighbors and organizations to pull together toward a worthwhile goal!  Participation will serve to help the neediest in our community and will also strengthen friendships, provide satisfaction in accomplishment and build group unity.

The team Captain should register the team name and receive the team number. All members can then register using the team name and number.

Set a fundraising goal and determine a strategy to accomplish that goal. While collecting donations, please remember that in order for the Mission to receipt a cash donation of $25 or more the cash sponsor receipt will have to be filled out and attached to the actual cash donation. Cash donations of less than $25 will not be receipted.

Download team forms here

Early turn-in benefits:  Turn in your collected funds and team member names by 4:30 p.m., 2/7/13
All team member names are entered into a drawing for a $50 Meijer gift card and a $50 iTune card.
Raise $1,000; receive special recognition and a certificate of accomplishment the day of the walk

Make sure you visit the Golden Sneaker link to find our all about the awards.