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Walk A Mile In My Shoes
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09 February 2019


8:00 am - 10:00 am


We will walk to the Muncie Mission


Walk a Mile in my Shoes 2018 was a huge success! Walkers raised over $76,000 and we praise the Lord for this bountiful harvest.

Walk a Mile in my Shoes 2018 was a huge success!  An estimated 2,000 walkers raised over $76,000.00. This is a testament to the caring community that supports the Muncie Mission!

There are two main reasons why Walk A Mile in my Shoes takes place in February; harsh weather conditions and raising funds for the Mission.  For that one day, it was difficult to keep winter weather top-of-mind. Yet for those that are homeless or in desperate situations, it’s always top-of-mind.  They don’t have a choice…if it’s too cold, too icy, or too windy; even if they have holes in their shoes, they still have to venture out to receive assistance.


Walk a Mile photo

The importance of the revenue from Walk a Mile in my Shoes is substantial.  Services to men, women and families are funded through this event. With 79,074 meals and 1092 men served in 2017, Walk a Mile is vital to the continuation of the Mission. Monday-Friday our doors open at 12:30 for neighborhood guests to enjoy lunch. Men (non-Mission residents), women and children from all walks of life steam into our dining room. This program along with our food pantry provides much needed food to our neighbors. In addition to food, the Mission also provides men’s and women’s residential services, men’s recovery program, and family services, thanks to provision from the community.

As a result of this generous outpouring of care we can continue to feed the needy and build hope for a better tomorrow for homeless men, women and families in need.

Our thanks go out to everyone that helped raise funds so that HOPE will continue to be built at Muncie Mission.

Early Bird Winners

Congratulations go to Early Bird winners:  Marilyn Ault won the Meijer $50 gift card and Gavin Ellis won the $50 Amazon gift card.

Golden Sneaker Awards

The Golden Sneaker Award for the Largest Attendance team was secured by “Muncie Central National Honor Society” with 100 walkers in attendance and the Top Fund Raising team was “Mary’s Merry Marchers” raising $11,728.00.


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