• 1725 S. Liberty St. | Muncie, IN 47302
  • (765) 288-9122


Checking In to the Muncie Mission

We are glad you are considering Muncie Mission Ministries as a resource for your housing needs. Whether you are in need of long or short term housing, we invite you to come and experience what we pray will be a positive, life-changing experience.

Here are some questions you might be asking?

Can I be employed and live at the Mission?

If you are employed we provide a free 30-day guest stay with free:

  • Hygiene supplies
  • Bed linens (laundered weekly)
  • Three (3) prepared meals every day with sack lunches provided for men who have a job
  • Clothing as needed

Guests who are employed are expected to attend at least 3 chapel meetings each week and give 8-16 hours of voluntary service at the New Life Center each week.


Have you been checked into the Mission before?

You may need to have a counseling staff speak with you before being allowed to return.


What if I have medical needs?

If you have extreme medical issues, our facility is probably not suited for your medical needs.  We do not have medical staff at our facility.

The Mission cannot allow needle syringes or narcotic pain medications in our facility.

We are not able to prepare individual meals according to specific dietary restrictions.

We are a handicap accessible facility with an elevator to transport guests to the dorms on the second floor.


How can someone on probation or parole get into the Mission?

If you are on parole you must first check with your parole agent. As a result, he will then contact us and let us know you have his approval. Without prior approval from your parole agent, you cannot be checked in.

The Muncie Mission is located in close proximity to an elementary school, therefore, it is against Indiana law for us to house anyone who is on the violent or sexual offender registry.


Other issues you need to be aware of before checking in to the Mission:

All guests must check in car keys and cellphones during their first 1-3 months of residence here. Car keys and cellphones will be locked in storage and only accessible by the ministry staff.

We provide emergency shelter for those seeking temporary shelter until more permanent housing can be obtained.

The Mission also provides a Christ-centered addictions program called the Liberty Street Recovery Program. Guests who wish to apply to this program must be able to commit to a one (1) year time frame without employment.

In conclusion, we are grateful for your interest in the Muncie Mission. Please feel free to contact us at (765) 288-9122 for any additional questions you might have.