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In order to volunteer at Muncie Mission Ministries, Inc., you must read and agree to the terms below in the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

I understand that volunteers must wear clothing that is deemed modest by staff: nothing revealing or tight-fitting; no tank, tube, halter or midriff tops, muscle shirts or short shorts, NO LEGGINGS OR YOGA PANTS, and shoes appropriate for assignment.

I understand that for my protection and for the best interests of MM clients, I MAY NOT EXCHANGE ANY personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., with any clients under any circumstances. I understand that I am not to attempt to contact any client, except through a MM staff person, by means including but not limited to telephone, letters, or email.

I understand that I may never spend time alone with a MM client, or initiate physical contact with any client.

I understand that any physical contact or interaction that may be construed as flirty or romantic with a fellow volunteer, MM employee, or MM client, regardless of gender, will be grounds for my dismissal as a volunteer.

I understand that volunteers are not to give anything including, but not limited to, gifts, money, services or any item to any MM client. Volunteers may not accept any money or gifts from clients for any reason.

In addition to the above statements, we ask all volunteers to abide by the following rules and regulations:

Volunteers will attend a brief orientation on their first day and tour the building to which they are assigned.

Please sign in and out so that we can keep track of volunteer hours.

Cell phone use (this includes texting) is not allowed while volunteering at the Mission.

Volunteers may listen to music while volunteering in some areas at the Mission using headphones only. Check with the person in charge to see if this is permitted in the area you are volunteering.

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator if unable to come on scheduled day. We count on you.

Volunteers are encouraged to maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism when relating with MM clients.

Volunteers must follow the instructions provided by staff members, and not do anything outside of the given instructions.

All volunteers and visitors who choose to take part in chapel service and prayer are asked to please be respectful and act as role models for our clients.

Volunteers should engage in gracious and respectful conversation. Volunteers should not use profanity.

Muncie Mission is a faith-based organization. Volunteers are asked to please respect our views when relating with clients, as these beliefs are the foundation of our ministry. Please refrain from any extensive religious conversations and do not criticize any denominational faiths while at MM.

All personal information about our clients is strictly confidential. However, if you are concerned that someone is in danger or a potential threat to others, report the information to a MM staff person immediately.

All Mission property is alcohol, drug and tobacco-free. If volunteers choose to take a smoke break, they must leave the Mission property.

Obscene or abusive language is not permitted on Mission property.

Shirts that promote alcohol, drugs or lifestyle beliefs contrary to Christian beliefs should not be worn.

Volunteers are not authorized to identify themselves with Muncie Mission, or attempt to use their position to gain profit or illicit personal gain.

Volunteer groups with children up to age 17 must have adult supervision at a ratio of 1 adult to 10 children. Those responsible adults must understand the importance of their supervisory role. Children under 18 must have a parent sign the waiver and release form.

Please leave purses and other bags at home or in your car as there is not space to store these items at the work sites.

I (the volunteer) agree to indemnify MM and/or any of its separate entities against all claims, demands, judgments and executions that the MM may sustain arising from my volunteer actions, whether or not such claims, demands, judgments and executions are discovered during my volunteer work.

I give MM the right to print and/or publish pictures of any activities I participate in with MM.

I understand that I am NOT allowed to take pictures of any other persons who may be at the mission besides my fellow group members, and that video photography is NOT permitted.

MM is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur, or any belongings that are lost or stolen while on any of our properties.

Should you have any problems with a client, staff member, or other volunteer, please contact the Community Relations Coordinator immediately.