Frank Baldwin

President and CEO
ext. 101

Bob Scott

Vice President of Development
ext. 107

Patrick Jones

Vice President of Business Administration
ext. 106

Paula Tyler

Vice President of Program Services
ext. 105

Leigh Edwards

Vice President of Community Engagement
ext. 109

Anna Baldwin

Director of Human Resource
/Director of Food Services
ext. 102

Melissa Thompson

Executive Assistant
ext. 104

Danny Smith

Director of Men’s Programming
ext. 113

Tim Werner

Director of Emergency Shelter
ext. 114

Dennis Powell

Life Recovery Coach
ext. 113

Kristi Thornburg

Director of BFA
ext. 702

Lory Nunn

Director of Family Service
ext. 116

Jeanvieve Wallick

HUB Administrator
ext. 802

Lily Ferguson

Medical Clinic Coordinator
ext. 103

Jason Sours

Director of Facilities
ext. 118

Phil Miller

ext. 115

Aaron Thompson

Director of Warehouse Operations
ext. 202