Every month hurting neighbors turn to Muncie Mission. Will you open the door?

Brokenness surrounds us… the neighbor who is hungry… the stranger searching for shelter… the co-worker battling to break free from addiction.

Team Hope offers compassionate supporters like you an avenue to share your love with those in need each and every month!

With each monthly gift you will:

  • Feed hungry families!
  • Provide safe emergency shelter for homeless men!
  • Create Christ-centered environments for men and women to fight through their addictions!
  • Transform lives from suffering to flourishing!

Team Hope gifts – faithfully given month after month – enable the Mission to provide personalized, compassionate care for each person God leads to our doors.

Team Hope members receive:

  • Simplicity in your ongoing commitment to make a difference for desperate neighbors.
  • More stories of life transformation!
  • Fewer giving requests in your mailbox.
  • Joy in knowing that your compassion is helping people in crisis build new lives of stability and hope!

Join us in transforming lives… leading the lost and broken from a path of constant suffering, to a new flourishing life!

“But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish” – Psalm 9:18

Make your monthly commitment here.

Who to Call With Questions

If you have any questions regarding Team Hope, please contact Bob at (765) 288-9122, ext.107, or bscott@munciemission.org