The Liberty Street Recovery Program is a Christ-centered, Twelve Step program designed for the man who is experiencing drug/alcohol or other addictions. To completely work through all 12 steps a man will be at the Mission for a little longer than 12 months. Because a man cannot be employed during this time the program is free of charge.*

The Liberty Street Recovery program is divided into 3 distinct phases, utilizing therapeutic treatment goals, small group meetings and individual counseling. Each guest of the recovery program is given treatment goals for each of the 12 steps to complete. The treatment goal is designed to give each guest the ability to apply the principle of the recovery step to his daily life and relationships with others. Each guest of the Liberty Street Recovery Program attends groups with the men in his group. They live in the dorms as a group and participate in the volunteer Life Skill Training together. Each of the men develops supportive friendships as they learn how to apply the 12 Steps together throughout their time in the program.

Upon finishing the program, the guest will have learned about his own personality traits, what kind of thinking and emotions trigger his relapses and the recovery tools he needs to avoid future relapses.

Call 765-288-9122, extension 110 for program information.