You offered HOPE to Jason

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When Jason came to the Muncie Mission he came with a purpose – to complete the recovery program. His addiction and lifestyle choices had separated him from his family and in particular, his young son.

Jason steadily progressed through the Liberty Street Recovery program and finally made it to graduation day. Then came move out day and time to put into practice everything he had worked so hard to learn.

Recently Jason reached out to the Mission staff with an update on what was happening in his life. He wrote:  ‘Just wanted to let you know that I now have full custody of my 10 year old son. I don’t know if you guys will ever know what my son would have faced if I hadn’t gotten help at the Mission. The DCS said he was headed to a group home and now he gets A’s and B’s. I thank you all. Your acts of kindness and understanding were new to me. Now I’ll spend the rest of my life doing the same.’

It’s amazing to know that when one person changes we often see a ripple effect from that one life. This is what happened and is continuing to happen in Jason’s life.  He wanted to make sure to thank the Mission staff. We want to make sure to THANK YOU.  Every time you donate you offer up HOPE of a different, brighter tomorrow for someone just like Jason.

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