Smitty came because he was broken


This Thanksgiving season finds Smitty ready to share God’s love with everyone. But, it hasn’t always been this way.

Physical, emotional and psychological abuses were part of his young life.  He was often told he was ‘stupid and worthless’ and would ‘probably end up in prison’. Not wanting to believe that this was true, Smitty looked for a way to feel good about himself.  At age 12, alcohol became that source of comfort.  It would also prove to be the first step into addiction.

Years later Smitty found himself living on the streets.  Chronic pain from spinal stenosis, a fractured vertebrae and joint problems was his daily companion. However, the lingering effects from the emotional abuse became what finally led him to the Mission.

“I came to the Mission because nobody else wanted me,”

“I came here because I was broken.”

Mission staff and volunteers spoke truth into Smitty’s heart. The truth of God’s perfecting love-  a love that gave him worth.  This is the truth that he is passionate to share with others this Thanksgiving season.

“I came to the Muncie Mission to get healed,” Smitty says.

Now I have an opportunity to reach other people.

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